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Sods of Plastic

  You thinking what I’m thinking? Or better yet, you thinking what I concluded back in 1996? What exactly does the GOP stand for? Healthcare has been their issue throughout the Obama Administration. They attempted to repeal it sixty times while he was in office. Mostly this was a dog and pony because they knew… Continue reading Sods of Plastic

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Those Troubling Consenting Adults

Everybody's doing it. Well, maybe Morrissey isn't doing it. For some reason, every interview he does, the lame nut holding the microphone feels the need to ask that question. And on each occasion, he's dismissed it. It has nothing to do with his music, he says. It isn't important. Good for him for holding out… Continue reading Those Troubling Consenting Adults

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What We’re Up Against…Still

1988 was the first year I could participate in a presidential election. That was the year I turned eighteen. It was also the year (in fact, the exact day of my birthday) that the Soviet Union committed to withdrawing it's troops from Afghanistan. It was the year I finished high school and started college. And… Continue reading What We’re Up Against…Still

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Sorry Dear Seated Scribe, But It’s a NO

Come August 7th, voters in the counties of Oakland, Macomb and Wayne, here in Michigan, will find on our ballots a new millage request. It's called the Wayne County Art Institute Authority Millage. And why should you care if you're not living in the tri-county area of Michigan? Because items like these appear on ballots… Continue reading Sorry Dear Seated Scribe, But It’s a NO

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Government is Responsible for Expensive Health Care

Why the hell does it cost $400.00 for inspection of a sprained arm and the wrapping of a bandage in the emergency room? How come a bag of chemo-chemicals costs $8,000.00? Why is it that a CT-Scan is about $4,000.00? How is it that a simple physical, where the doctor just has to read off… Continue reading Government is Responsible for Expensive Health Care