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Trump was right about spying on him

In this episode, I discuss the biggest news story the Legacy media chose to ignore this past weekend. Even though President Trump has been out of office for over a year and it's been almost 6 years since the start of the Russia-hoax scandal, Special Counsel John Durham is still conducting his investigation. Yes, it… Continue reading Trump was right about spying on him

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Interview with Kathleen Saucier

It was my pleasure to interview Kathleen Saucier, the mother of imprisoned sailor, Kristian Saucier, who was sent to jail for a year for having six pictures/selfies on his cell phone that were considered confidential. Even though there is no evidence that Kristian transmitted pictures anywhere and was only doing what so many of us… Continue reading Interview with Kathleen Saucier

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Maybe #fakenews represents lies Leftists tell themselves

I'm already tired of the phrase. Fake news. Hillary Clinton began spouting it nearly non-stop following her concession after the November presidential election cycle. That phrase was gobbled up by the brainless fowl in the mainstream media who were all too willing to parrot the latest talking point meant to deride deplorables. It has been… Continue reading Maybe #fakenews represents lies Leftists tell themselves

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Lies, damn lies and reporters

By Erick Erickson  |  December 8, 2016, 05:00am  | @ewerickson   On September 11, 2016, Hillary Clinton left a 9/11 memorial service early. Her campaign vigorously denied Republican claims Clinton was ill. The press ridiculed Republicans for suggesting it, calling them conspiracy theorists. Shortly thereafter, a video appeared showing Clinton collapsing. Secret Service agents caught her… Continue reading Lies, damn lies and reporters

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Make the political argument, not the personal attack

Something has been irking me for a while now. Initially, I couldn't put my finger on it. It's been building over the last couple of months. It's not so much the entrenched corners so many have willingly put themselves in when debating the virtues and vices of the presidential nominees, though that is a part. It… Continue reading Make the political argument, not the personal attack

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People should vote their conscience

I've been known to "real-time" tweet during political events, like the State of the Union address or the primary debates for both the Republicans and the Democrats. Thousands of others do the same. It has become a means for political junkies to feel like they are making their voices heard. Social media is an amazing… Continue reading People should vote their conscience

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Hillary’s email server: willful deceit or gross negligence?

Earlier today, much of our collective breaths were held as FBI Director James Comey took to the microphones to discuss the finality of the investigation into then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server. One line stood out prominently in his opening comments: No one knows what I am about to say. Really?… Continue reading Hillary’s email server: willful deceit or gross negligence?

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Maybe Congress will do its job if…

I almost always try to choose my words carefully in any situation. Maybe it's my background as a writer (both fiction and commentary). Maybe it comes from my many years behind the radio microphone. Perhaps it comes from being a husband to my wonderful wife and father to our four beautiful girls. Or maybe it's… Continue reading Maybe Congress will do its job if…

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Another #SOTUdrinkinggame2016

The State of the Union is tomorrow. This will be President Obama's last of his presidency. Because we are heading into a massive election year, both nationally and locally, it's likely the President won't spend a lot of time (at least, not to us) on new policies or initiatives. He's already enacted volumes of executive… Continue reading Another #SOTUdrinkinggame2016

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Sissy Journalism Fails to Cut at the Roots

Benghazi. Benghazi. Benghazi. For a week now, the angle to come at this has plagued me. What are we dealing with? What’s the story? A terrorist attack spawned by an anti-Muslim movie? An unchecked riot? A lie from the Obama Administration about what exactly happened? What’s the biggest thing worth covering here? Who cares, right… Continue reading Sissy Journalism Fails to Cut at the Roots

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The State of the Union

So I took a sabbatical from politics to concentrate on putting the final edit on my novel. I also joined a writer's group to spar short stories back and forth and see how creative we could get. And look what happened while I was away? Barack Obama is back in the White House. What the… Continue reading The State of the Union