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Never bend the knee for Authoritarians

In this episode, I implore Joe Rogan to stop apologizing to the Left. I know, in his heart, he feels he's doing the right thing. He wants to acknowledge his missteps or failings because he respects his audience. But, his audience aren't the ones trying to cancel him. He has to realize, the ones going… Continue reading Never bend the knee for Authoritarians

jealousy hypocrisy Rogan Freedom Convoy
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Jealousy and hypocrisy at root of Rogan and Freedom Convoy

In this episode, I once again need to point out the real issues behind the orchestrated move by radical Leftists and the legacy media to deplatform Joe Rogan. It has nothing to do with content, guests or a host who lacks credentials. It's about jealousy. CNN, at their best, might average 750,000 watchers for their… Continue reading Jealousy and hypocrisy at root of Rogan and Freedom Convoy

Anti-establishment becomes establishment
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When anti-establishment becomes the establishment

In this episode, I wonder when did anti-establishment become the establishment? When did the hippies of the 60's and 70's, who made their fortunes on being anti-government, anti-big business, anti-censorship -- basically anti-establishment, decide they are now part of the establishment? It's something I cannot wrap my mind around. But first, I open todays' show… Continue reading When anti-establishment becomes the establishment

Authoritarianism in Biden Administration
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Authoritarianism in the Biden administration

In this episode, I discuss authoritarianism in the Biden administration. Right on the heels of my thoughts yesterday about children and adversity, we see a call to censor the podcaster, Joe Rogan. Right after President Joe Biden makes a plea for social media and media outlets to put a stop to misinformation and disinformation on… Continue reading Authoritarianism in the Biden administration