Leftist Authoritarians
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Never bend the knee for Authoritarians

In this episode, I implore Joe Rogan to stop apologizing to the Left. I know, in his heart, he feels he's doing the right thing. He wants to acknowledge his missteps or failings because he respects his audience. But, his audience aren't the ones trying to cancel him. He has to realize, the ones going… Continue reading Never bend the knee for Authoritarians

Ministry of Truth
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The Ministry of Truth draws near

In this episode, I weave together several current events stories with a common strand running through them all. Leftist leaders and unhinged victims of the current mass psychosis are laser-focused on making sure The Ministry of Truth draws near. They want to censor anything that does not meet with their preapproval. They do not want… Continue reading The Ministry of Truth draws near

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It’s time to realize

There is something alarming taking place in our country and I think it's time for us here at Freedom Cocktail to weigh in on it. After all, we tout ourselves as a site focused on the deliberate application of logic and reason when trying to understand the events of the day. And it's time to… Continue reading It’s time to realize