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The Liberal Male

Hidden in the dark crevices of organic food markets and coffee shops lurks the saber-toothed, liberal male. He is a creature who rides his bike, hates SUVs, and thrives on a diet of rhetoric, open-toed shoes and of course, a progressive agenda. You may find him declaring women should have the “right to choose”, or… Continue reading The Liberal Male

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“War on women” mantra emblematic of liberal mindset

Let's start with this...Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) said a really stupid thing. This doesn't mean Todd Akin is stupid; rather, he could not articulate his idea of life being sacred in an intelligent sounding way. Quoting some dubious scientific information and combining it with the term "legitimate rape" (as if there is an illegitimate rape)… Continue reading “War on women” mantra emblematic of liberal mindset