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Trayvon, Martin and John

On November 22, 2013, we will mourn the fiftieth anniversary of the loss of President John F. Kennedy. To some, he'll be remembered as king of Camelot. To some, he'll be remembered as the president who could have stopped the Vietnam War. For some, he'll be remembered at playing the greatest game of chess with… Continue reading Trayvon, Martin and John

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America Through PRISM Colored Glasses

Edward Snowden. Say the name and the Feds go wilder than a college girl in a Joe Francis film. Intelligence Agents go deeper into the Rabbit Hole. And journalists keep regurgitating 'Official Sources', poor investigative journalism. Edward Snowden. What he represents, what this story demonstrates, is that it only takes one, ONE, to inform the… Continue reading America Through PRISM Colored Glasses