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Another #SOTUdrinkinggame2016

The State of the Union is tomorrow. This will be President Obama's last of his presidency. Because we are heading into a massive election year, both nationally and locally, it's likely the President won't spend a lot of time (at least, not to us) on new policies or initiatives. He's already enacted volumes of executive… Continue reading Another #SOTUdrinkinggame2016

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Looking back on 2013

As we look back on 2013, and ahead to what’s to come, we tend to take stock – an inventory, if you will, of what we have learned, experienced, and overcome.  It is a time to evaluate one’s self.  We look in literal and figurative mirrors and write ourselves a critical year’s end report.   As… Continue reading Looking back on 2013

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An Alcoholic, Letting His Body Die

There's a reason why airlines instruct passengers to put their own oxygen masks on first before assisting anyone else in case of an emergency. Everything has to be good at home before you can help on the outside. Everything must be plentiful within, and then consider trimming the excesses in the direction of your choosing.… Continue reading An Alcoholic, Letting His Body Die

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America Through PRISM Colored Glasses

Edward Snowden. Say the name and the Feds go wilder than a college girl in a Joe Francis film. Intelligence Agents go deeper into the Rabbit Hole. And journalists keep regurgitating 'Official Sources', poor investigative journalism. Edward Snowden. What he represents, what this story demonstrates, is that it only takes one, ONE, to inform the… Continue reading America Through PRISM Colored Glasses

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Culture of yes-men do what is expected of them

I had a pleasant conversation recently with a business leader about my time in the Navy and my career since then.  It started off innocently enough.  We'd gone out to eat together along with our wives and then decided to continue the evening at their home.  We settled in and grabbed a drink.  Our wives went into… Continue reading Culture of yes-men do what is expected of them

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Sissy Journalism Fails to Cut at the Roots

Benghazi. Benghazi. Benghazi. For a week now, the angle to come at this has plagued me. What are we dealing with? What’s the story? A terrorist attack spawned by an anti-Muslim movie? An unchecked riot? A lie from the Obama Administration about what exactly happened? What’s the biggest thing worth covering here? Who cares, right… Continue reading Sissy Journalism Fails to Cut at the Roots

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Reconsidering the Game of RISK

North Korea says, “We'll rain fire down upon the White House.” North Korea says, “We'll test missiles whenever we want.” North Korea says, “We're closing the North/South border.” North Korea says, “We're moving missiles around, preparing to strike.” North Korea says a lot of shit. And South Korea yawns and says, “North Korea does this… Continue reading Reconsidering the Game of RISK

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Senator Rand Paul. Kill This Hog!

We had this Sequester thingy. Yet despite this humble, meek downsizing of government funding, John Kerry lunched with Egypt’s ignoramus Muslim Brotherhood and handed over $250 million US dollars. Then we read that the Obama Administration wanted to make the Sequester “hurt” to give a black eye to the Republican Party. Well the fact is,… Continue reading Senator Rand Paul. Kill This Hog!

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What We’re Up Against…Still

1988 was the first year I could participate in a presidential election. That was the year I turned eighteen. It was also the year (in fact, the exact day of my birthday) that the Soviet Union committed to withdrawing it's troops from Afghanistan. It was the year I finished high school and started college. And… Continue reading What We’re Up Against…Still

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Sequestration Review – in case you’ve forgotten how we got here.

If the Super Committee failed to reach an agreement (which was pretty much a foregone conclusion), then a “sequester” would kick in, forcing automatic budget “cuts.” The automatic budget “cuts” were designed to be to some of the most basic functions of the Federal Government – ie. Defense spending, and to programs that had some of the most visibly painful consequences if cut.

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Sequester is Worth 18 Points…and That’s About It

Sequester... Sequester... Government is going to cut some spending. And the word for it is... Sequester. Doesn't that sound great? Sequester. What? Government is going to cut spending? And you're telling me they're doing nothing to stop it? Say it with me: Sequester. How often do you hear that the government isn't going to spend… Continue reading Sequester is Worth 18 Points…and That’s About It

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The State of the Union

So I took a sabbatical from politics to concentrate on putting the final edit on my novel. I also joined a writer's group to spar short stories back and forth and see how creative we could get. And look what happened while I was away? Barack Obama is back in the White House. What the… Continue reading The State of the Union

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“War on women” mantra emblematic of liberal mindset

Let's start with this...Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) said a really stupid thing. This doesn't mean Todd Akin is stupid; rather, he could not articulate his idea of life being sacred in an intelligent sounding way. Quoting some dubious scientific information and combining it with the term "legitimate rape" (as if there is an illegitimate rape)… Continue reading “War on women” mantra emblematic of liberal mindset

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November 6th is our D-Day; or, How moderates never win

One of my heroes is George S. Patton, Jr.  I'm sure it's beginning comes from the magnificent performance given by George C. Scott in the film, "Patton."  I have since read and watched biographies, read histories and even had the privilege of interviewing a man who served in Patton's 3rd Army in the European campaign, Arnold Whittaker.  As… Continue reading November 6th is our D-Day; or, How moderates never win