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College Ain’t For Everyone

So you wanna be a writer? Or paint the next Sistine Chapel? Or maybe your desire is to compose a memorable romantic piece of music, write the next Schubert’s Ave Maria? Are you eighteen-years-old, about to spend $40,000 at a university to achieve any of the above? Don’t. Not unless you know what you’re getting… Continue reading College Ain’t For Everyone

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Obama’s truth often happens when off-script

I have long been of the belief that when someone says something off-the-cuff, you get a true glimpse into who they really are at their core.  Though often mistaken as a quote from Shakespeare, the phrase, "Many a true word hath been spoke in jest," comes from Roxburghe Ballads in 1665, (though Shakes did say, in King Lear, that jesters do oft… Continue reading Obama’s truth often happens when off-script