Twitter Files part 8 - Pentagon PsyOps
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Twitter Files part 8 – Pentagon PsyOps

With the holidays upon me, I have to keep today's show short, but knew I had to address the Twitter Files part 8, dealing with helping the Pentagon with the PsyOp campaigns. While Twitter repeatedly said they did not aid state actors with propaganda or other operations, it's obvious they did get cozy with the… Continue reading Twitter Files part 8 – Pentagon PsyOps

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The Coming Pentagon UFO Report

Shortly, the United States government, particularly the Pentagon, will be releasing a much anticipated report on UFOs. As part of the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021, a report on what the heck has been going on with all these UFO reports must be presented to Congress some time this month. Coverage has been… Continue reading The Coming Pentagon UFO Report

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Harry Reid’s UFO Hobby – You Paid For It

A secret government UFO program run out of the Pentagon?! This is the kind of news that gets us X-files fans salivating that the truth isn’t quite so far out there but right here. And I couldn’t have timed the release of my latest novel, CHASING DISCLOSURE any better. What marketing! A Pentagon UFO research… Continue reading Harry Reid’s UFO Hobby – You Paid For It