Governor Brian Kemp
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Conversations with Governor Brian Kemp

Today's episode is a bonus. It's not my analysis of the news of the day, but rather a chance for me to sit down and chat with a newsmaker. If all goes well, I will have these bonus episodes on a month-to-month basis. For now I am calling them, "Conversations." For this inaugural endeavor, I… Continue reading Conversations with Governor Brian Kemp

SOTU Drinking Game 2019
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SOTU Drinking Game 2019

The State of the Union is tonight, delayed one week from the partial government shutdown where no one really felt its effects, but the nightly news could not get enough of it. This will be President Trump's second address to the nation. A tabulation of all television "news" broadcasts of 2018 shows (just like 2017)… Continue reading SOTU Drinking Game 2019

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What does it mean to act presidential?

OMG, he's tweeting again! He called himself a genius. He thinks he's the smartest person in the room. He won't stop poking at Kim Jong Un. He is going to start a war. He is a paranoid idiot who eats McDonald's in bed to avoid the risk of being poisoned. He is incapable of understanding… Continue reading What does it mean to act presidential?

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First there was Twitter and then came Spicer

When I wrote a few weeks back that I believe then President-elect Trump was intentionally using Twitter to take up all of the oxygen in the 24 hour news cycle, I had no idea others would also jump on that same thought-train. Even after pointing out this strategy, I knew the mainstream media and opponents… Continue reading First there was Twitter and then came Spicer