Authoritarianism in Biden Administration
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Authoritarianism in the Biden administration

In this episode, I discuss authoritarianism in the Biden administration. Right on the heels of my thoughts yesterday about children and adversity, we see a call to censor the podcaster, Joe Rogan. Right after President Joe Biden makes a plea for social media and media outlets to put a stop to misinformation and disinformation on… Continue reading Authoritarianism in the Biden administration

Voting laws and the filibuster
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Voting laws and the filibuster

In this episode I comment on President Joe Biden's latest failed attempt to paint all Republicans as member of the Ku Klux Klan. Last week, the narrative was to try using the anniversary of the Capitol riot as a way to paint the whole GOP as violent, domestic terrorist insurrectionists. After a week, that attempt… Continue reading Voting laws and the filibuster