Rebecca Yardley for Georgia GOP Chair
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Conversation with Rebecca Yardley for Georgia GOP Chair

Today's bonus episode is my sit-down conversation with Rebecca Yardley who is running to be the GOP Chair for the state of Georgia. As we are seeing at the national level, leading the Republican party is more than just fund-raising, it's also about winning elections, locally and nationally. Rebecca has more than 30 years of… Continue reading Conversation with Rebecca Yardley for Georgia GOP Chair

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What’s wrong with the GOP?

Whenever a controversy erupts, why do democrats seem to always circle their wagons and protect each other, whereas republicans will immediately eat their own? Is it part of the loyalty pledge? What causes one party to act out of self-preservation while the other seems bent on self-destruction? The Democrat Party has long prided itself on its… Continue reading What’s wrong with the GOP?