Biden State of the Union 2022
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Reaction to Biden’s State of the Union 2022

In this episode, I spend time reacting to President Joe Biden's 2022 State of the Union. Overall, the speech was disjointed, lacked transitions or moments of uplifting inspiration. It became a laundry list of wants, needs and desires with no plan on how to accomplish it. He did have a fairly strong opening and closing… Continue reading Reaction to Biden’s State of the Union 2022

Perception is not reality
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Perception does not mean reality

In this episode, I examine several current news stories through the prism of a misnomer – that perception is reality. That's not true, nor has it ever been. Perception causes a belief in a reality, but it is false. The misconception is created in a person's mind, but that does make it a fact. I… Continue reading Perception does not mean reality