Not who votes but who counts the vote
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Not about who votes but who counts the vote

In this episode, I break down just how bad it's been for President Joe Biden over the last few days. The inflation number was released and it's at a 40 year high. A Quinnipiac poll has the President at just 33% favorability after only one year in office. The Supreme Court voted down the OSHA… Continue reading Not about who votes but who counts the vote

Freedom Mass Formation Psychosis
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Freedom vs mass formation psychosis

In today's episode I find myself aware how tenuous the notions of freedom are, especially when faced with fear. Freedom is easily pushed aside while under a mass hypnosis. To understand how we got here, we first revisit the teachings of Machiavelli. Though a ruler can rule by loving his subjects, love is a fickle… Continue reading Freedom vs mass formation psychosis

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A Tale of Two Flags

I'm told there was a shooting, a lot of shooting. This happened in the South of the United States. A lot of black men and women died as a result. I'm told it was motivated by this belief that dark skinned people are inferior. The assault was allegedly committed because if action wasn't taken, black… Continue reading A Tale of Two Flags

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Those Troubling Consenting Adults

Everybody's doing it. Well, maybe Morrissey isn't doing it. For some reason, every interview he does, the lame nut holding the microphone feels the need to ask that question. And on each occasion, he's dismissed it. It has nothing to do with his music, he says. It isn't important. Good for him for holding out… Continue reading Those Troubling Consenting Adults

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Look! Is That A Squirrel, Or a Gay Marriage Protest?

Average Americans are earning $8,000 - $10,000 a year less now than they were in 2007.  The value of the average home (where members of the middle class hold most of their wealth) is $35,000 less now than in 2007.  Record numbers of Americans depend on government handouts just to get by.   Unemployment is still… Continue reading Look! Is That A Squirrel, Or a Gay Marriage Protest?