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Adversity lessons in youth should be embraced, not avoided

Growing up in the 70's, I thought long lines at gas stations were the norm.  Having double-digit home interest rates was the status quo.  The misery index started at 10.57 when Richard Nixon took office in 1969 and climbed steadily to 16.26 by the time Jimmy Carter's presidency was winding down.  In my world, growing up,… Continue reading Adversity lessons in youth should be embraced, not avoided


Interpreting the United Stated Constitution

It is argued that the United States Constitution is open to interpretation, thus implying that the words on the paper are not an end in themselves. This suggests that the Constitution is flexible and not concrete and indirectly suggests that it needs supporting documentation in order to explain itself. That supporting documentation would be made… Continue reading Interpreting the United Stated Constitution

Just musing

Federalist Resurrection

We don't need another political blog! Yep, I heard ya yell it when you clicked the button and fell upon us. But I disagree. We DO need another political blog. We need one in favor of the American Republic as envisioned by Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and all those other old dead guys. There are… Continue reading Federalist Resurrection