Fulton County Voting Problems
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Fulton County Voting problems

In this episode, you will get hour 1 of when I filled in on The Erick Erickson Show across his nationally syndicated network discussing serious vote integrity issues in Fulton County, Georgia. Thanks to a segment, which aired on The Tucker Carlson Show, Brad Raffensperger, Secretary of State for Georgia, had to put out a… Continue reading Fulton County Voting problems

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Is it really about 5 million illegal votes cast?

Well, now he's done it! First spokesperson Sean Spicer brought up a comment in a White House presser about a concern over voter fraud and the press corps jumped on it. At one point, Spicer revealed that President Trump felt it could have been 3 million illegal votes cast in the last Presidential election. Then… Continue reading Is it really about 5 million illegal votes cast?