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Dr. Fauci Decries Two Americas

In this episode, I spend some time mocking my favorite target for derision and buffoonery, Dr. Fauci. Just as we are celebrating the 245th birthday of the United States of America, Dr. Fauci decries two Americas in his Sunday talk-show tour.  This is taken from the first hour from July 5, 2021 when I was… Continue reading Dr. Fauci Decries Two Americas

Current Events

SOTU Drinking Game 2020

The State of the Union is tonight. This will be President Trump's next to final address to the nation unless he wins another term later this year. A tabulation of all television "news" broadcasts in the final two months of 2019 shows 93% of all stories about President Donald Trump and his administration were negative… Continue reading SOTU Drinking Game 2020