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This picture was taken just a couple years ago when my wife and I took our girls on a family cruise and made an excursion to the jungles of Belize. I love it because it exemplifies our life. We are fun, adventurous, willing to explore, open to try anything, outdoor lovers and, most importantly, a family. As you can see, I’m surrounded by women. They are my everything. There is no role I have ever played that can compare to being a father and a husband.

View More:, I know a little something about playing roles. I discovered theatre and performance early in college. The theatre bug bit me hard and I’ve spent my life, thus far, performing whenever I have a chance. I have played nearly 100 roles to-date, on stage, in video and on film. I’ve shot commercials and industrials. I’ve done voice-overs and have been involved with Much Ado - The Wedding2broadcast radio for almost 18 years. I’ve directed dozens of shows and am most proud of bringing several Shakespeare productions to life, including Romeo & Juliet, Macbeth, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Twelfth Night and Much Ado About Nothing. I learned sword choreography and have since gone on to choreograph major sword battles for stage and in a full-length independent feature film called The Neon Dead.

IGAB 2014 Awardn radio, I have received the Georgia Association of Broadcasters awards for Best Show and Best On-Air Personality. I am on-air every morning with drive-to-work radio as the host of Bartow’s Morning News on AM 1450 and FM100.3 WBHF. Additionally, I host my own talk show every Saturday from 7AM-10AM, called Waking Up with Alan. I am also a fill-in host for News 95.5 and AM750 WSB in Atlanta, most readily heard during Atlanta’s Evening News covering for Erick Erickson and the Herman Cain Show mornings from 9AM-12PM.

Seal_of_the_United_States_Department_of_the_Navy.svg_I need to take a moment to give a shout out to the men and women serving in our armed services. After completing my first year of college, I realized it was going to be a little more costly. At this time, we were in the midst of Desert Shield in Iraq. I enlisted in the Navy under the Sea/Air Mariner program (“SAM”) and trained to be a part of the intelligence community as a cryptologist. While in my active duty service, Desert Shield turned into Desert Storm. I became a veteran at that point. Now, I am not saying this as a pat on my own back. I simply did what was asked of me, learned my trade and never had to ship out. I only mention  my military background as a way of rounding out my entire background and to reveal my unwavering support for all who have served, are serving or will serve. Thank you!

After graduating from college, I eventually landed with Big Blue! From the mid-90’s to 2007, I worked for IBM, starting off in content acquisition, moving into IT support, eventually managing the IT support of eight e-Business Centers of Innovation. I then moved to a different area that allowed me to work from home until late 2007 when being an IT Project Manager wasn’t really worth a whole lot during the economic downturn leading into the 2008 election cycle. After a handful of contractor AJSProductions_NewLogojobs, my wife convinced me in 2010 to start my own website development and video production company – AJS Productions. The hours are long and the money hasn’t matched what I used to make, but I’m exceptionally happy and that goes a long way.

In my spare time, I work on five different non-profit boards in Bartow County:

  • United Way – Helping to raise funds through employee payroll deduction to then be disseminated to other non-profit partner agencies.
  • The Tonsmeire Community Clinic – Providing healthcare services to those who do not have health insurance or are underinsured.
  • Coalition to Prevent Misuse of Alcohol – Working on the prevention of underage drinking and dangerous binge drinking for college students.
  • The Pettit Environmental Preserve – Working to safeguard a large nature preserve, while providing educational programming and activities to children, students and adults.
  • SKORE Court, Juvenile Justice System – Goal is to work with kids who have been identified as heading in a negative direction and proactively put resources and services in place to help the child and the family rehabilitate themselves. SKORE stands for Supporting Kids on Road to Excellence.
  • Additionally, I am a mentor for at-risk youth.

At home, we currently have six dogs. Whenever I say that out loud (or write it) I find myself thinking, holy crap! That’s a lot of dogs! But, in all honesty, they are so easy and mild-mannered, for the most part, you wouldn’t know we had that many. One is less than 15 pounds, one is closer to 25 pounds, two are between 35-50 and two are in the 80+ range. All but one have been rescued. We have often said if we ever won the lottery, we would find a way to own a large enough piece of property to rescue so many more. Our smallest, Lola, is a Miniature-Pinscher. The newest member of our family is an Italian Greyhound-Rat Terrier mix. Then comes our Chow-Pekingese, Khalua. Maya is my snow dog, a Husky-Border Collie mix. Our youngest, but 2nd heaviest, is our Yellow Lab, Riley. Finally, we have Rufus, our Lab-Border Collie mix.

We lost Rudy, our Pug-Chihuahua mix (our Pughuahua?) in the spring of 2016 and earlier lost a pure Alaskan Malamute, Sierra, in the early winter of 2014.

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So, whenever a snarky Leftist tries to paint me with the wide brushstrokes of being a racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobe, who doesn’t care about the air, water, environment or animals, I just laugh. It’s such an easy attack because it takes no thinking to brandish those emotionally charged labels. Once you take a moment to look at my background, it should be obvious that having a love of the Constitution and a reverence for the will of our Founding Fathers doesn’t mean the labels of the Left apply.

That’s why Eric and I started this site. We wanted to promote the conversation. We wanted people to discard their preconceived notions and come to the table with a willingness to listen to other points of view.  Most importantly, we want to educate. And share an adult beverage in the process.



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