WH redefines recession
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WH redefines “recession” and has Liz Cheney already switched parties?

Today’s show opens with the topic of recession. I already told you based on continued inflation both at the consumer (9.1%) and the wholesale (11.3%) levels, there is no way to avoid another quarter of negative Growth Domestic Product. Now, I am certain of it! Why? Because Janet Yellen assures us it’s not going to happen. And Biden White House economic adviser Brian Deese has redefined the terminology. On top of that, the office posting from Whitehouse.gov has also redefined what a recession means.

Folks, it’s simple…two back-to-back quarters of negative GDP is considered recession. If the economy is going in the wrong direction for half a year, can we all agree that isn’t a good thing? Our economy is not only receding, it’s going to get worse long before it gets better and everyone in the White House is in total denial. I think they have been lying to themselves and to us for so long, they really do believe what they are selling is truth. It’s not.

While we are onto truth, a Michigan news channel released the results of the GOP primary, revealing the winners in all the races for the state on the Republican side of the aisle. The only problem with that is the primary isn’t until next week, August 5th. Seems odd they have already picked the winners a week before the first vote is cast, but nothing to see here, right?

And while we are on the topic of election integrity, which we know the J6 Committee is all about, has Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) already switched parties? We all know calling her a RINO is almost an insult to other Republicans in Name Only, but she tool to the floor of the House and condemned her “colleagues from the other side of the aisle” and then went on to name Republican Mark Meadows. Seems strange to use that phrase, doesn’t it? Maybe she’s already begun the paperwork to formally switch parties. After all, isn’t that just a formality at this point, given her track record and her actions on the J6 Committee?

Finally, we give just a little levity as it’s time for another Deep Thought with VP Kamala Harris. It’s stunning how vapid and unintelligent this woman is, and the scary part, she may end up filling the rest of Biden’s term after the November midterms. While Biden is the sock puppet, eager to do whatever his advisers tell him, her track record does not bode well for the White House handlers. She is not going to take direction well at all, which may explain why they have installed a revolving door in her office. She has already lost 17 staffers in less than two years, which says something about what it’s like to deal with her.

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