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Liz Cheney lost because she forgot to represent, plus equity v equality

I open today’s show with a look at the massive primary loss of Liz Cheney (D-WY). The final tally is the very definition of taking a shellacking. She was a full 36 points behind the Trump-endorsed challenger, Harriet Hageman. That is a stunning rebuke from the very voters Liz Cheney claims to represent. But we all know that is not true. In fact, it’s a far from being true as the goals of the J6 Committee are in finding out what really happened.

How do we know that? First, look at who is coming to her aid in her time of loss. Look at the radical Leftists in conjunction with the most unhinged members of the mainstream/Legacy media. Show me your friends and I’ll show you who you are. But, her unhinged hatred of Donald Trump, causing her to vow both last night and on the Today Show this morning, she is willing to do WHATEVER it takes to make sure he never steps inside the Oval Office again.

There’s a lot contained in that decree. She did not put any qualifiers around it. She didn’t see, within the bounds of the Constitution or within the confines of the law. She literally said she would do anything (that’s a wide range) in order to make sure Donald Trump cannot run for President. It’s a very Machiavellian belief where the ends justify the means.

Her mental illness, aka Trump Derangement Syndrome, is not the reason she lost. It’s a part, but it’s not the whole story. The second thing she did to lose the election is she forgot what it means to be a member of the House of Representatives. The hint is in the title. She is elected to “represent” the will of her constituents, not to do whatever she wants. When we elect someone, we pick the person we think will best carry our will forward. They do not got to Washington, D.C. to rule. They go to represent and too many forget that, including Liz Cheney, which is why she will be out of a job come January 2023.

Rest assured, she has told us Season 2 of the J6 Committee will be even bigger and meaner and more vitriolic that Season 1, given she has already lost the election. Go big or go home, right? So, while we anxiously wait to see what they will edit, produce, take out of context and perpetrate for better ratings in the next season, we need to address something else entirely different.

We need a moment to reflect on some Deep Thoughts by Kamala Harris. Earlier this week, our Vice President was making a speech over the concept of equality and how it differs from equity. In her typical word-salad way of trying to sound intelligent, she rambled through it was incomprehensible stupidity. But, this is something we need to understand more deeply, because it is at the root of woke liberalism and is ruining everything it touches. We should all demand equal opportunity, but the idea of equal outcomes is absurd and defies logic even a kindergartner can understand. While I mock the Vice President, the message is one we not only need to defeat, but also to push back until it is eliminated. Otherwise, the idea we are a capitalist Republic will become a distant memory.

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