Weaponization of NIH and FBI and What is Masculinity
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The weaponization of NIH and the FBI plus what masculinity really means

Today’s I continue to look at some of the work being done by the House Oversight Subcommittee, looking into the weaponization of the agencies under the Executive Branch to go after political opponents and silence Americans. While Democrats scoff and think the Committee is a waste of time, the good work being done should be listened to by all Americans. After listening to today’s show, if you honestly believe there is not a culture of rot in our government, then you are unreachable and part of the problem.

We open with a back and forth between Representative Kat Cammack (R-FL) and the current head of the National Institute of Health, Dr. Tabak. This one instance is a perfect microcosm to illustrate why this Committee is critical in restoring a fair and non-oppressive government.

Next we hit other topic discussed including the FBI labeling parents “domestic terrorists” and the sheer number of whistle-blowers from within the Bureau who cannot believe the corruption that has taken root within. Just hearing a “sample” of the many issue brought to the Committee is overwhelming. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Elise Stefanik (R-NY) layout cases for just how deep and wide the cultural rot is inside the FBI.

I close on the hearing with a short sound bite from Representative Jim Jordan who appeared on a radio show discussing the First Amendment. In that bite, he explains that in the last few years, the Left, who used to revere speech, have change to no longer respecting it whatsoever. Their “cancel culture” is all about controlling everyone, silencing dissenters and those who oppose their agenda.

Finally, I wanted to end with a topic I hold dearly. For the last few years, the Left and the woke ideologues have been waging a war against men and masculinity. To try to win, they do what they always have done, redefine the meaning of the word. So, to help, I need everyone to understand what true masculinity is. What we are currently seeing in our society is an example of what happens when men are NOT taught what is means to be masculine. It’s not about physical strength or intimidation. In fact, it is the polar opposite. It takes two halves of humanity to make a whole. Children need both the masculine and the feminine in their lives and to deny one is to ruin the whole.

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