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DHS Disinformation Board was so vital it lasted less than a month

In today’s episode, we have to look at the way Taylor Lorenz, one of the biggest butt-hurt cry-babies in media, tried to characterize the fall of the Disinformation Governance Board. She writes such a biased and slanted piece, it would make even Nina Jankowicz give her a standing ovation.

First, she starts by painting some evil and omni-present entity lurking all around us called, “the far right.” She never gives any evidence or detail. In her mean-girl world, that’s irrelevant. What’s worse, she fails to mention how the owner of the paper where she wrote this screed, Jeff Bezos, mocked Joe Biden over his Ministry of Truth. Additionally, a left-wing opinion columnist for the WaPo, Eugene Robinson, wrote a piece entitled, “The Disinformation Governance Board is a bad name and a sillier idea.” Neither of these were mentioned by cry-bully Lorenz.

Civil liberties groups also went after the validity of the the DGB and her sloppy reporting of it. Jameel Jaffer, director of Knights First Amendment Institute at Columbia University tweeted, “This @washingtonpost piece should have acknowledged somewhere – perhaps even at the top? – that some of the criticism of the Biden admin’s Disinfo Governance Board came from civil liberties and human rights groups.”

Well, when you are in the business of spreading disinformation, why would you let something like “the whole story” enter into your lexicon? Even White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, downplaying the group, said they had never convened due to many “mischaracterizations from outside forces.” (There’s those mysterious forces again!) This begged the question from the White House press pool asking if the Disinformation Governance Board was being shut down due to disinformation? Yes, folks, you cannot make this up.

It’s amazing how the work of this board was touted as being critical to the mission of Homeland Security just two weeks ago and now, less than a month since being introduced, has crumbled. Fox News’s Emily Compagno summarizes the situation beautifully, saying it’s very existence was antithetical to free speech and was doomed to fail, like most every policy thus far from the Joe Biden Administration.

In an effort to end on a more up-lifting note, I close the show with quotes from two people. First, Governor Ron DeSantis destroys a hack Leftist journalist who tried to compare his policies to those of third-world dictatorships. The second comes from the UK rapper Zuby who appeared on the GBN to discuss Black Lives Matter and racisim. His articulate and to-the-point analysis should be required listening by everyone in the race-baiting and race-hustling industry. If it left me feeling positive, hopefully it will do the same for you.

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