No one made you take it
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Very soon public health will say, “No one made you take it.”

Today’s show returns to a discussion over public health and the one-size-fits-all approach they took in dealing with the pandemic. It’s obvious, by now, we were sold a bill of goods. Websites are being updated. Therapeutics which were mocked even earlier this year have been quietly added to the NIH and CDC websites. Fact-check statements about mRNA have been removed and more studies continue to show the side-effects and dangers of the mRNA vaccines far out-weigh any dangers from actual infection.

But, to remind you of their hateful and draconian messaging, I include a montage of sound bites from politicians, White House staffers, talking heads on news networks and journalists. We then look to a study, teaming up experts from Harvard, Johns Hopkins and other research universities showing it was up to 98 times worse to get the vaccine versus having the actual virus.

Dr. Paul Alexander, who joined the President’s response team, reporting to Dr. Redfield asked what science the CDC used to come up with their guidelines for social distancing? Dr. Redfleld looked at him and said, “Science? There is no science. We made it up!”

And while we’ve seen them finally admit the vaccine’s effectiveness fades, does not prevent infection, does not prevent transmission and has the potential for serious side-effects, the head of the FDA, Dr. Robert Califf is telling people to get the Omicron specific booster, telling them it DOES reduce your risk and goes so far as to say it was increase your chances of going to gatherings of friends and family! It’s a preposterous thing for the head of the FDA to say.

Dr. Ryan N. Cole is sounding the warning for increased cancers and ongoing harm to multiple organs in the body from the spike protein created from the vaccines. Listeners to my show have known about this issue for months and it’s nice to see more and more doctors and scientists speaking out on the subject. In that light, the UK has pulled back on giving the vaccine to the 5-11 year old age range, worried over the adverse reactions being reported more and more in the age-ranges that should have never been made to fear the virus in the first place.

Dr. Robert Malone, the father of mRNA technology, has predicted we are going to reach the point, very soon, where public health and government officials will say, “I was your choice, no one made you take it.” Mark that prediction and keep it close at hand, because I firmly believe they are already paving the way to gaslight us in that very way.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) weighs in on a judge demanding Dr. Fauci and others in the White House to turn over all communication with the big five social media companies as it relates to the virus and censoring Americans. He says, “All of America should be appalled that ‘America’s Doctor’ doesn’t want to divulge his communications with Big Tech.

Former US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) weighs-in on President Biden’s decision to divide Americans further, demonizing tens of millions of Americans who voted against him or oppose his policies and working with Big Tech and weaponizing our DOJ/security apparatus to undermine freedoms. She agrees with me they are employing a Machiavellian approach to controlling the people – the ends justify the means.

Finally, we end with another installment of Deep Thoughts with Kamala Harris. In another display of her mental prowess, we illustrate how he ability to regurgitate unending streams of word salad is a talent she is unafraid to wield whenever she finds a captive audience.

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