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Biden on 60 Minutes and more fallout from Martha’s Vineyard

Today we open with some of the sound bites from last night’s 60 Minutes show with President Joe Biden. Remember when 60 Minutes would ask tough questions and have even tougher follow-ups? Those days are no longer here, ate least while a Democrat is in office.

First, President Biden has been allowed to redefine what constitutes a recession. We have had 6 months in a row of negative Gross Domestic Product and Joe thinks we have a hot economy. 60 Minutes asked what he was doing to help prevent a recession (since they redefined it to pretend we are not already in one) and he said, “Continue to grow the economy. And we’re growing the economy. And it’s growing in a way that it hasn’t in years and years.” Maybe he means negative growth, because that is the only direction it has been going since the beginning of 2022.

Then Joe Biden, after all of his divisive and hate-fueled rhetoric over the last few weeks had the audacity to complain that politics has turned into nothing but personal attacks. Think about that for a moment. The man who has spent weeks smearing half of the voting public is upset that politics has turned into nothing by political attacks.

He was then asked about so many Americans dealing with shockingly high grocery bills. Biden immediately got irritable and literally said inflation was only up about an inch. He doesn’t really think of inflation being as being a problem, given that “it’s been flat and consistent for the last few months.” He totally ignores we are at 40+ year highs, demonstrating what I call magic-thinking in a superb manner.

He told us he has all the energy necessary to be Commander-in-Chief. He also declared the Covid pandemic as over. That last statement will likely come back to bite him when it comes to forgiving college debt, because he used the Covid emergency as his ability to spend without going through Congress.

I spend the rest of the episode continuing to document what liberals say versus what they do. The Martha’s Vineyard story is a gift that keeps on giving to the Republican party, nationwide. The “sanctuary city” location could not even deal with 48 illegal migrants for 24 hours. They shipped them off as fast as they could find a bus to put them in and drive them out of their community.

The numbers are clear when comparing the policies of the Trump administration to those of Joe Biden’s. We went from 458,000 Southern Border Encounters in 2020 to now over 2 million so far through July of 2022. And while politicians and media talking heads continue to beclown themselves with hyperbolic tweets and statements, Ron DeSantis and his Lt. Governor, Jeanette Nunez, are planning to continue on their mission to remove illegals from the state. The irony here is, almost all of the democrat legislators in Florida voted for the plan and the budget and now want to pretend being shocked at the Governor following through with his promise.

We end with a moment from both Ted Cruz, talking about the situation and with Governor Ron DeSantis’ reaction to the media and his focus on keeping Floridians safe. We clearly have stark examples of what is on the ballot in November. We have a party the feigns compassion and open-mindedness, who went bananas at the first time illegals were brought to their doors, versus the party of leaders who want to follow the Constitution and protect their citizens.

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