Midterm 2022 red wave
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Midterm 2022 red wave; or, How Democrats forgot to listen to voters

Today is the day! Today the midterm 2022 red wave washes across this glorious nation of ours, like the waters cleansing the Tower of Isengard. Today we see if the Democrat strategy of fear and division wins out over the solutions and policies of the GOP. And, let’s not forget, most of the Republican candidates on so many ballots were supported by the DNC early in the primaries because they were supposed to be the more easily beaten candidates.

First, though, I have to start with a ridiculous comment from White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about the memo she released trying to walk-back President Joe Biden’s commitment to close all coal mining in America. While we discussed her memo on yesterday’s show, she was asked to explain the reason for the memo yesterday afternoon in a briefing. Her answer is both patently ridiculous and intellectually vapid. But, that’s what we’ve grown to expect from our eminently qualified Press Secretary.

Next, we listen to Democrat Strategist and CNN Political Analyst Hilary Rosen who suggests the terrible beating they are going to get is because they forgot to listen to the voters. It’s amazing to consider, but she is correct. The leadership, from Joe Biden on down, has chosen to turn deaf ears to the issues the voters have been saying are foremost on their minds. While Democrat leaders convinced themselves abortion, LGBTQ+ and the Green New Deal are winning messages, the electorate, on both sides of the aisle, has been more concerned with inflation, energy prices and violent crime. When it comes down to it, most voters vote their pocketbooks and their own self-interests. This isn’t new. Yet, the Democrat Party made a decision to ignore history.

The Washington Post’s Catherine Rampell also penned a piece with a very similar message. You know it’s bad when the WaPo is writing negative pieces about the Democrat Party. She says, “For nearly two years, Democrat leadership has often pushed aside politically inconvenient developments rather than facing them head-on. They have often told themselves stories they want to believe instead of stories that are true.”

In Gainesville, GA, a woman told Fox News she always voted for the Democrats, but after voting for Joe Biden and seeing what he’s done, she “had her eyes opened.” She saw how he handled the retreat from Afghanistan and the policies that hurt the economy. For the first time, she voted a straight Republican ticket. This is reflected now on every major poll in the Real Clear Politics average except for Politico/Morning Consult and NBC. Every other poll shows a red wave, save for those two who are clinging to the delusion mentioned in Catherine Rampell’s piece.

They have no accomplishments to tout. They are not running on what they have done. The message is, “Democracy is on the ballot,’ and “It will take days and days and days to count the votes.” That’s it. That’s the Democrat message as we vote in the 2022 midterms. When the dust clears, it will be interesting to see if they learn their lesson, as Hilary Rosen hopes, or if they will continue to delude themselves that a majority of Americans want an Authoritarian regime, bordering on Marxist/Socialist principles.

I have a 21 year, single malt scotch waiting for me if their hopes are dashed in spectacular fashion tonight.

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