Debt and deficit
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How Democrats lie, manipulate and mislead about taxes, debt and deficit

Today I decided to use the latest, old, tired, stale, misleading comments from Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D-ME) on taxes, income and “paying your fair share.” While today I pick on the lies she spouts with such ease, honestly, we could substitute her name with any number of Leftists who believe all the money you make is theirs for the the taking and they get to decide how much you get to keep.

Rather then go into a deep dive here, let me just tell you the main points we discuss so you can jump right into the episode. First, we debunk the ridiculous talking point that teachers pay more taxes than CEOs. It’s patently absurd. But, if that were magically true, who passed the tax laws making that possible? The businessman? The teacher? Or the Congressperson?

Next, we look at the assertion the GOP just passed a bill to make it easier for corporations and the wealthy to cheat on their taxes. What Pingree is referring to is the move to not fund the Biden regime’s request to fund 87,000 more IRS agents. The Left wants you to believe they need those agents to go after the wealthiest Americans. By simply using the tax records of Donald Trump, released by court order in the fall of last year, I easily put that nonsense to bed. Those agents are meant to go after the rest of us, not the wealthy who can afford tax accountants, lawyers and financial advisors who ensure they are using the tax code to their advantage.

Then we move onto corporations. You may be surprised to find I agree that they don’t pay taxes. At least, not really. Of course they pay their tax bill, but whatever tax the government puts on them, they just embed into their prices we pay for their goods or services. So, in essence, when politicians vow to raise taxes on businesses, what they are really doing is passing that tax along to us.

Finally, I wrap up with a short illustration over the concept of debt versus deficit. Politicians love to mix up the two and misrepresent what they are doing with one or the other. It’s an age-old game they play, but the more of us who understand that, the less they will be able to keep getting away with it.

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