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The Coming Pentagon UFO Report

Shortly, the United States government, particularly the Pentagon, will be releasing a much anticipated report on UFOs. As part of the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021, a report on what the heck has been going on with all these UFO reports must be presented to Congress some time this month. Coverage has been all over the news. And a sneak peak hit the New York Times already which satisfied no one because it didn’t confirm aliens but said, regarding some UFOs, we don’t know (we, meaning US Intelligence). I suspect that when the actual report lands (pun intended), no one will still be satisfied especially since an unclassified version is all we, in the public, will get to see. Surely the conspiracy crowd will think the good stuff is still being kept from us.

Based on history of the subject matter, I’m going to say that the New York Times summary has it right; in that, some things will simply not be identified. Ever. There’s quite often not enough information from the observer or radar or the details of the event to close all cases. Think of it like witnesses of crimes. Lawyers and experts on the subject matter point out witness testimony is often faulty and wrong, not on purpose, but that’s just the way the brain works. And sometimes equipment fails or picks up mundane objects.

There’s been a few United States government studies on UFOs. There was first Project Sign then Project Grudge and then finally Project Blue Book. These were government clearing houses set up to take reports, investigate them and determine if any were national security threats or something else. But there were also a couple major studies that took all the available reports collected by these groups and attempted to make sense of them en masse.

The first was the Robertson Panel in 1953. Their conclusion was that no UFOs were national security threats and that an educational program should be established to help people identify what they see in the sky. It seems reasonable back then people would have trouble. Rockets and jet engines were fairly new and technology was advancing extremely fast.

The second major study was the Condon Committee which completed its study in 1968 and was set up to determine if there was any reason to keep Project Blue Book open. And it found the same conclusions as the Robertson Panel: No UFOs have been identified as a security threat and the public needs more education on what’s in the sky. And with this conclusion, the government shut down Blue Book and officially, ceased investigating UFOs.

And that was the official statement until December 7, 2017 when the New York Times came out with that explosive story that there was indeed, another government run UFO program that had been operating since 2012. And that led to where we are today. (However, for fans of the UFO subject, we already knew about this program because Tom Delonge’s To The Stars Academy held a press conference launching their company. And it’s where were first met Lue Elizondo who told us he worked for a government UFO program. He’s the one who’s been on every television network since this Pentagon UFO Report has been announced).

At any rate, it’s been about seventy-years now of government investigations and we’re still back in the beginning getting the same conclusions as the first investigations. The fact is, some things will just never be identified whether in the sky or seas, or driving down a highway or wandering through the forest (bigfoot anyone?).

However, what’s most interesting to me regarding this latest round is that while the Pentagon UFO Report is expected to have trouble identifying some cases, some of these cases are already being leaked. There’s been several videos leaked to film maker Jeremy Corbell, and, along with the ones we’re already familiar with since 2017, former video game programmer, Mick West, has been doing an incredible job actually offering reasonable identifications. This is amazing to me. How can one man find an explanation that fits the facts while the Pentagon is having trouble? Who’s in charge over there? Is this just another example of how government doesn’t work?

With that said, the government, especially military should investigate UFO reports because it is a matter of national security. We certainly don’t want a foreign adversary getting the jump on us and flying impressive things in our airspace. But this doesn’t justify an independent program. The history of such programs shows they solve a lot of cases but nothing more than what every day radar operators or pilots or day to day operations can do. Or, in the case of Mick West, what a former video gamer programmer can do.

We can save money by making this latest UFO program the last specialized government UFO program. I think I said that already.

Until then. The Truth is Still Out There.

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