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The Ministry of Truth draws near

In this episode, I weave together several current events stories with a common strand running through them all. Leftist leaders and unhinged victims of the current mass psychosis are laser-focused on making sure The Ministry of Truth draws near. They want to censor anything that does not meet with their preapproval. They do not want debate. They do not want people to have access to conflicting information. They do not want people to exhibit critical thinking and analysis all on their own, because people cannot be trusted to come to the correct conclusions. The only way to make sure they have complete and total compliance is to control the narrative.

This is a scary time to see the liberals among us, who once lived for and championed free speech, specifically because of the particular things they wanted to say, now wanting to eliminate that freedom entirely. Oh, sure, they will say they want free speech, but only if it’s the speech they approve of first. We cannot allow the continued slow creep toward the installation of a true Ministry of Truth.

It’s time for all of us to become just a little more politically active and reach out to all of our representatives. It’s a mid-term year and this is the perfect time to make sure our representatives truly understand the will of the people. We must make our voices heard now, before it’s too late.

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