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Buffalo killer a sick psychopath while the Left races for propaganda

In today’s episode, I had no choice but to deal with the sick, psychopathic killer who targeted Americans in Buffalo, NY on Saturday. I never like to cover any sensationalized event within the first few hours or days because we learn a lot more over time. Unlike our friends in the Legacy media, I do not like making up facts or lying to my audience. I want to do the best job I can to be accurate and present a logical or reasonable analysis.

While I will not go into the investigation, I must deal with the glee with which the Left and their willing propaganda wing in legacy media have decided to politicize the shooting. President Biden was no where to be found when a man decided to plow through a Christmas Parade, killing 6 and injuring 62. First his team said it was a logistical problem and then later said they didn’t want to play politics with the attack. The same can be said with the Brooklyn subway shooting. But, less then 24 hours after the Buffalo shooting, the Biden team is set and ready to be on the ground on Tuesday.

Why? What makes this different from the other two events? It’s the narrative. This time, the Buffalo killer is a white racist. That’s the perfect scenario to run 24/7 coverage for the next several weeks painting America as racist and all Republicans as white supremacists. Talia Lavin literally wrote a hit piece for Rolling Stone entitled, “The Buffalo Shooter Isn’t a ‘Lone Wolf.’ He’s a Mainstream Republican.”

Yes, we have freedom of speech and of the press, but how can someone get away with painting every Constitution-loving American as being identical to the killer? It defies reason. And it does not even measure up to even just a basic review of the killer’s own words found all over the internet and in his own manifesto.

He admits he was drawn to and fascinated by Communism in high school. It was during the boredom of Covid lockdowns where he became radicalized by hate groups online. He calls himself an ethno-nationalist or an eco-fascist national socialist. He wants to be thought of as a populist, but would accept the other two labels. He specifically said he was not a conservative. He hates corporations and the idea we are all owned by the companies where we work. This is not how you would describe any “Republican,” let alone calling it the mainstream.

Additionally, he said he chose NY because of their gun laws, making it less likely that law-abiding citizens would be able to shoot back at him. He also chose to use an AR-15 because the press “loves to hate on the AR-15, which may increase media coverage and public outlash.” He knows how the Left thinks and he is still playing them while being held in custody.

He knows they will run with their political narratives and repeat his name over and over in worldwide coverage for weeks on-end. This sick, psychopath is going to be immortalized thanks to an all-too-willing press bent on playing up their own hate-induced narratives, rather than giving it the same treatment they gave to the city of Waukesha.

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