Biden gets Covid
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Quadruple vaxx Biden gets Covid and the 5 parts of every emergency

In today’s show I open with an acknowledgment that our quadruple vaccinated Command-in-Chief is now down with Covid-19. I’m not sure why they get to call it a vaccine when it wanes in 3-6 months and then seems to make it easier to catch the very virus it’s supposed to prevent.

We then go to the President’s speech yesterday, calling global climate change an existential threat and he’s going to punish us all if Congress does not act. Outside of being moronic, he twisted one of his memorized stories around and forgot the punchline. Either that or he intentionally changed it to make it sound more befitting the doom and gloom he was preaching about the climate.

It’s stunning to see how these “experts” are always wrong and yet they get right back up after do it all over again. Somehow, weak-minded people love being fooled and politicians use that ignorance and combine it with fear to gain power and control. In fact, every “emergency” seems to come down to five parts or stages. To be clear, I am not talking about real emergencies. I’m talking about the ones fabricated, usually by the far Left.

First, they have to gin up whatever it is with fear. You have to be afraid because they assure you the threat is real and it’s coming for everyone and (this is the important part) only the government can save us!

Second, because only the government can save us, we have to believe they are going to bring in the “experts” who understand the “science.” Anyone whom the government does not invite is therefore not an expert and should not be listened to or believed.

Third, whatever solution they propose always means surrendering some of your rights or freedoms, usually “for the greater good.” They tell you to act otherwise is selfish and not putting the public good ahead of themselves.

Fourth, it’s really important to understand they will be exempt from whatever it is they are imposing on the rest of us. The Elites, by the very definition, fall outside of whatever it is the will force on the rest of the population.

And finally, the fifth step is to realize, there is no winning or truly solving the problem. It will still be there. And, while it is, we will have all given up more of our own freedoms and liberties under the guise of doing what we had to in order to address the crisis.

Once you realize the cycle, you start to realize just how often they employ it. We must learn to recognize their motivations and oppose them at every turn, because nothing is more important than our freedom and liberty.

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