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NYC AG Alvin Brown’s zealous attempt to prosecute Trump may backfire

Today is a special presentation where I bring you the first hour of the Erick Erickson Show from yesterday where I filled-in for his show. Across the nation, I opened with a discussion of New York City Attorney General Alvin Bragg’s zealous attempt to prosecute the former president. On a three hour radio show, I talked about a lot of other subject, but for the purpose of today’s episode, I wanted to just isolate that part of the discussion.

I lay out the case, both in terms of the history of the actions, how it’s gone past the original statute of limitations and is now being litigated as a fraud case. AG Bragg has twisted himself into a legal pretzel to try to find a way to make this stick. His star witness is former Trump attorney and now former convicted felon, Michael Cohen. The problem for Bragg is what happened on the stand Monday in front of the Grand Jury. Witness Robert Costello, a former attorney for Michael Cohen showed Cohen to be a habitual liar. He went so far as to say Michael Cohen couldn’t tell the truth if there was a gun pointed at his head.

What’s even more devastating to Bragg’s case is the testimony from Costello noting that hundreds of pages of documents have been turned over, but Bragg only used six total to present to the Grand Jury. According to Costello, this means Bragg is hiding exculpatory evidence from the jury. If that is true, not only does it prove the political witch-hunt this appears to be, but also could put Bragg in a position to be disbarred. Even left-leaning attorney Alan Dershowitz said Bragg can no longer hang his case around Cohen as a witness.

As the show was airing live, it seemed there was a noticeable shift in the Legacy/mainstream media toward doubt as to whether or not Bragg would be able to bring an indictment forward. Whether or not that happens remains to be seen, but I reminded the audience that millions of taxpayer dollars have been used as hush-money payments for years for members of Congress and their staffs. It’s amazing that it suddenly becomes a crime when it comes to Donald J. Trump.

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