criminalizing the opposition
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The Biden regime is all about criminalizing the opposition

For today’s show, I open with a bit of a recap of how I ended the last show. We keep hearing President Joe Biden’s warning about the “extremists” who are an enemy to Democracy. I started to look at what those planks or policies are, which were drawing such condemnation. The list starts with freedom and limited government and moved on to strong borders, a strong national identity and giving parents control over their children. None of these are extreme, unless your agenda is prevented by them.

When we look at the last few years, the Left has been waging a war, not just an ideological one, but one for authoritarian control. They want to be able to dictate to the masses and be obeyed. In their view, there is no room for debate, for different solutions or even a difference of opinion. To deviate from the regime is to be an enemy of the regime. I believe the far elements of liberalism have always wanted that, but were never able to get the vast majority of people to buy-in to that kind of government control.

Until the pandemic.

Think about the last two years. We watched a massive juggernaut of the government sector take near total control over the lives of the world. People, through fear, conformed and obeyed their government task masters. However, not everyone capitulated. For the last 12-18 months, the words of those who resisted were censored, canceled or mocked. Now, more and more people are waking up from the mass formation psychosis brought on by the Left and they are fighting with everything they have to maintain their grip.

But, I don’t think it’s going to work much longer. As of this moment, for the first time in history, a woman has been elected as the Prime Minister of Italy. And not just any woman: Giorgia Meloni is a conservative. She believes in country, and family and gender and, perhaps worst of all, God. She is the proof that the citizens of the world are waking up and do not want to be told they are no longer individuals. They do not want to lose their individual identities. The Lefts has been working so hard to redefine words and indoctrinate the youth into believing there are no differences at all. That we are all fluid and can be whatever we want at any time. On the surface it sounds like an embrace of diversity. But, what it really is, is the removal of anything that makes you stand out as a unique individual person. It’s much easier to control 100 people who act the same than for 100 who are all independent from one another.

And the media is playing it’s part in this, too. They have long lost their objectivity, choosing, instead, to be the propaganda arm of the Democrat party. By way of extension, the current Democrat regime believes any and all opposition is to be treated as an enemy of the state, so the media acts as dutiful puppets to parrot that narrative.

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